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Polish Dream

Are you an English-speaking person who wants to learn Polish? Have you decided to stay in Poland for some time, permanently, or are you just going to spend a bit of time here? No matter what the purpose of your visit to Poland is, learning Polish is always a great idea! Effective lessons can be taken at school Polish Dream, which addresses its offer precisely to foreign guests. Online Polish is a comprehensive course for beginners as well as for advanced learners. Groups consist of 3 to 5 people, so learning is comfortable and stress-free. Or do you prefer to learn on your own? Just you and the teacher? Polish Dream also offers such an option – you can easily sign up for a course that suits you completely. Online Polish is your chance to gain valuable new knowledge and skills that you will use throughout your life. Course instructors will effectively motivate you to learn and will pass on the knowledge to you. Each lesson will give you a large amount of practical knowledge.

Dane Firmy

Nazwa: Polish Dream
Adres: Ruska 2
50-079 Wrocław, dolnośląskie

NIP: 6881229621

E-Mail: polishdream.wroclaw@gmail.com
Telefon: + 48 533 787 244
Strona: https://polishdream.pl/
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